Cufflinks Gifts

Need a box for all those cufflinks? Try Simon Orrell Designs.

I don’t know what I’ve done with most of my cufflinks. I’ve put them somewhere — across multiple small cufflink boxes — and they’ve disappeared into the ether. They’re somewhere around.

I should have bought a dedicated cufflink box for them. Instead I squeezed them all into an array of Mont Blanc boxes designed to hold just one pair. Needs must when you’re moving house.

So when I got a note in a little while ago suggesting I take a look at a cufflink box, I made a mental note to do a post on it.

This, then, is a luxury cufflink box in black shagreen and bone. Shagreen, by the way, is a type of rawhide — and it really adds to the look of this box. Materials like this are a speciality of designer Simon Orrell. The box itself measures 9cm x 9cm — big enough that I won’t lose it, small enough so it’ll travel nicely and fit into drawers as necessary.

You can pick it up for £99 including VAT.

There’s more information (and a lot more beautiful products) over at Simon Orrell Designs.