Welcome to The Pursuit of Quality.

I’m Ewan, Founder & Editor of the site. Find out more about me. My contact information is here.

The Background

Quality has always been a something instilled into my psyche by my parents: Buy quality, it’ll last longer.

Never has this maxim been more apparent to me than when I bought a DVD player from a supermarket chain (Tesco) about 5 years ago. I was astounded that they were selling a DVD player for £19 — or something like that.

“Why should I pay £199 for an equivalent model?” I asked myself. I went ahead and purchased the £19 model, feeling good. I remember remarking to myself what a deal I’d got.

At home, I connected the unit and … well, I was astonished for the second time that day: The unit did work. But only at what felt like 640 pixel resolution. Suffice to say the movie I was trying to play on the DVD looked rubbish — and the sound was playing in mono.

If ever I needed a lesson on the advantages of quality, it was then. So I’m all about quality. I much prefer waiting longer to earn the money to buy an item or service of quality. I seriously enjoy quality things and quality services.

This site, then, is an exploration of that perspective.

Many readers will know me from Mobile Industry Review. It’s one of the more prominent influencer sites in the mobile landscape. I’ve been running that for almost 6 years now and I’ve built up quite a following. Well over a quater of a million readers tune in to my opinions there. Most of the readers are senior executives working in the mobile and related industries. Like me, the majority have an affinity for quality and — crucially — the disposable income to support it. Whenever I’ve written about aspects relating to quality and, in particular, examined products/services outside the mobile industry, I’ve received phenomenal feedback.

To this end I thought it was time I established a dedicated publication for those articles instead of trying to squeeze them into a mobile topic.

The Audience
The site is aimed at my existing audience from Mobile Industry Review and my other social media channels (e.g. my personal Twitter account).

Here’s a profile based on the survey I conducted in November 2011:

  • 78% male
  • 85% aged between 30-50
  • 89% have at least 1 child
  • 82% own 2+ mobile phones
  • 79% own a tablet (and, yeah, we mean iPad)
  • 74% own their own property
  • 22% rent, but have bucketloads of money*
  • 96% own a top of the range smartphone
  • 89% always have the best smartphone available
  • 92% own a proper laptop/computer*
  • 77% own more than 3 flat-screen/plasma televisions
  • 66% describe themselves as shareholders
  • 91% subscribe to Sky or Virgin Media
  • 81% drive a decent car*
  • 74% take delight from owning quality products (and experiencing quality services)
  • 99% are prepared to pay for quality
  • 33% have household income in excess of £75k+ per year
  • 30% household income exceeds £100k+
  • 22% household income exceeds £150k+

* Rent: The readers were keen to point out that renting doesn’t mean they’re second class citizens
* Proper laptop: Top of the range Dell, Sony or Apple — nothing Fisher Price 
* Decent car: Where ‘decent’ was defined in the survey as something that would look good parked outside Cliveden. So, Range Rover, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes or a super-high-spec other brand.

Please do take a look around. If you’ve any questions, shoot me an email. My contact details are here.