Cufflinks Gifts

Brilliant personalised wedding cufflinks from

Continuing my cufflinks series, I thought I’d take a look at some relatively inexpensive ones that are utterly perfect for any chaps you know who’re about to get married. I particularly like these ones as they’re personalised with the date/time/venue of the main event. These silver plated cufflinks look to be terrifically good value — £19.95 for a pair and that includes the personalisation!

You do need to allow 3-5 days for delivery and there’s a box to specify the exact location and timings on the product page.

Like! These ones definitely go into my ‘gifts’ category here on The Pursuit of Quality.

Cufflinks Gifts

Need a box for all those cufflinks? Try Simon Orrell Designs.

I don’t know what I’ve done with most of my cufflinks. I’ve put them somewhere — across multiple small cufflink boxes — and they’ve disappeared into the ether. They’re somewhere around.

I should have bought a dedicated cufflink box for them. Instead I squeezed them all into an array of Mont Blanc boxes designed to hold just one pair. Needs must when you’re moving house.

So when I got a note in a little while ago suggesting I take a look at a cufflink box, I made a mental note to do a post on it.

This, then, is a luxury cufflink box in black shagreen and bone. Shagreen, by the way, is a type of rawhide — and it really adds to the look of this box. Materials like this are a speciality of designer Simon Orrell. The box itself measures 9cm x 9cm — big enough that I won’t lose it, small enough so it’ll travel nicely and fit into drawers as necessary.

You can pick it up for £99 including VAT.

There’s more information (and a lot more beautiful products) over at Simon Orrell Designs.

Chocolate Gifts

Montezuma’s Grand Collection: An ideal gift

Until my good friend presented us with some Montezuma chocolates when he and his girlfriend popped over a few weeks ago, I’d never heard of the brand before.

My wife knows it well though — and, after consulting the website, it seems it’s me who’s rather out of date: They’ve got quite a few stores across the South of England.

I’m pretty particular about my chocolate (especially truffles). Either I want some overtly commercial Galaxy or Cadbury’s, or I want some proper chocolate. I can’t stand the stuff that pretends it’s good but is actually utter tripe. I remember buying some Champagne Truffles from a reasonably well known high street brand and not bothering finishing them as they were so rubbish.

Montezumas is fantastic. I found them fresh, stimulating and thoroughly wholesome. They’re big, you see — and that’s what you want in a truffle — a good big size with excellent flavours. The Grand Collection that my friend selected contained a brilliant array of different types. I even enjoyed the dark chocolate and coffee ones (I am, by default, a milk chocolate only chap). And that, dear reader, is saying something. Normally I avoid those ones like the plague because they’re usually rather poorly done — but the Montezuma ones were excellent.

So, if you find yourself looking for a decent gift that will work for any occasion, head over to Montezumas and take a special look at their Grand Collection.

(You can, of course, order online from their site.)


The Bluebeard’s Revenge gift pack: Perfect for Christmas at £16.99

I just caught this on Amazon and thought it might be useful for anyone who’s been reading my The Bluebeard’s Revenge shaving posts. The gift set
represents rather fantastic value as you get the shaving cream, post shave balm, a shaving brush and the rather scary Scimitar razor all for £16.99. That’s not only a rather attractively priced deal but I reckon it’s a present that’ll work for almost any chap!

Good deal!