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Going Skiing at Christmas? Make sure you’ve got Satski on your phone!

I’ve not made it to Val d’Isere in the French Alps for almost two years now. I really enjoy skiing and I find it a particularly useful occupation during those ‘off days’ between Christmas and New Year when nothing much tends to happen.

The last time I was in Val d’Isere, the iPhone phenomenon was just taking hold. (In fact you can read about those experiences over at Mobile Industry Review.) I remember remarking that smartphones were perfect for skiing. Not only could you locate yourself easily but you could also access a wealth of services there-and-then from your hand. At this point back in 2009, most folk swapped to a dumbphone whilst skiing, or they simply left their mobile phone at the hotel/apartment. The last thing you want to do is fall on your ‘brick’ phone and kill your thigh doing so. Or smash your fragile iPhone.

How times have changed.

I wouldn’t think about going into resort without at least one dedicated app. I had a note over from the chaps at Satski to highlight their latest app which is available on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry. The app looks like it offers almost everything you’d ever need — for a veritable ton of resorts. From weather to locating the nearest doctor or pharmacy, Satski has it covered.

Satski offers a host of features:

  • Navigation — Google Maps isn’t that useful when you’re trying to plan your runs or avoid the horrifying black runs. So Satski has piste/ski trails and resort maps built in.
  • Real Time Stats — So that you can stop for a moment to check vital statistics like maximum speed, distance and so on. Love it.
  • Tracking & Data Storage — Satski will track your movements so you can replay the highlights in the bar later on
  • Locate Me — Highly important when you can’t see anything during a ‘white out’ or useful if you can’t remember quite where you’re standing
  • Emergency — Everything you need in an emergency to connect with local services (including your exact co-ordinates)
  • Resort Info — Standard resort information e.g. doctors, police, ski hire shops, ski schools and so on
  • Buddy Tracking — I love this one. By mutual consent (managed by Satski) you can track where your friends and family are. Absolute genius.

Hugely comprehensive. You’ll find Satski in your app store of choice priced at around €8.75 or thereabouts. If you’re like to get ultra serious, you might consider taking a look at the company’s Standalone GPS unit (€239).

Head over to the Satsports site for more information.

Now, Satski is only as good as the smartphone battery. So please, please, please charge your device up before heading to the slopes. Better still, carry a Proporta or other battery pack just-in-case.

[I should point out that I’ve not been able to try Satski myself so if you’ve done so, or if you’ve other recommendations readers should look at, please do comment below!]