Stay active and healthy with AmeriSciences AS10

If you’re anything like me — i.e. busy, generally a bit stressed and ‘running fast’ most days — then you’ll have the occasional day that looks like this:

– McDonalds
– 3 soggy mini sandwiches during the working lunch meeting
– 1 bag of “Big Eat” Quavers
– Burger King

And of course, plenty of coffee and sugary soft drinks.

It’s not good. Not good at all.

I try to avoid this kind of experience as much as I can. Sometimes though, you just have to run with it. Life and commitments dictate it. So what’s your poor body doing at the end of the day when you’re filling it full of rubbish? Feeling slightly low.

What can do you do to maintain some kind of steady nutrient guarantee when you’re running fast? You might consider taking a look at AmeriSciences AS10. It’s an anti-ageing, anti-oxidant nutritional supplement developed in conjunction with NASA. The manufacturers, AmeriSciences, explain that AS10 has been proven to protect and extend life when exposed to environmental stressors including radiation (or, I imagine, the 837am to Waterloo). AS10 has an unparalleled 95% dissolution rate — which means that the body can maximise the goodness available. Plus it contains powerful anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties. What really interests me that it’s made from 100% fruit and vegetable derived ingredients (including superfruits like acai, cupacu and acerola, all sustainably harvested in Brazil).

AmeriSciences intend AS10 to provide a “safety net” of vitamins and minerals essential for optimum health — it’ll also function as one of your “five a day”.

You can consume it in two forms: The wine-bottle shaped oral formula or a multivitamin tablet. So if you’re running fast, eating a bit of a crazy diet now and again and feeling a bit run down, perhaps AS10 might be the answer for you. (I’ve not tried AS10, but I’ve tried and regularly use something similar — in fact my wife and all her friends swear by it, so I’ll do a piece about that shortly.)

AS10 is available in the UK via the Harley Medical Group online or at any of their physical clinics. The oral solution is £120/month and the multivitamins are £27 per month.