SteakStones: The ultimate way to enjoy steak!

I’ve been in a few restaurants that have used SteakStones — or something similar. Not only is it a super experience (as the steak usually arrives sizzling away — for quite a long time), but your enjoyment of the meal tends to be enhanced by the fact your beef stays warmer, longer.

If you’ve been looking to duplicate the experience at home (perhaps for a special occasion), then I reckon you might want to check out a SteakStones steak plate.

Here’s what the manufacturer has to say about the product:

The SteakStones Steak Plate, provides the ultimate way to enjoy a steak, cooked live at the table. The sizzling stone sears in all the natural flavours and allows you to enjoy cooking every mouthful exactly as you like and ensures the last bite is as hot and delicious as the first.

Yeah. I like the last bit in particular. Normally when I’m eating steak, the last bit is …well, rather cold. Even if the waitress warns you that “the plate is hot”, that’s only usually the case for, what, 5 minutes or so? I wonder how long these SteakStones last on average? 10-20 minutes perhaps?┬áLonger than a standard plate, anyway. All you need to do is stick the plate in the oven and heat it up to the required temperature and serve along with your steak.

If you’ve got a meaty-foodie friend, this looks to be a good option.

There’s a wide variety of product options and recipe ideas on the SteakStones website (where you can buy too).