Is it wrong to be infuriated by the word ‘Crimbo’?

I was searching Amazon this evening for some Chanel Bleu aftershave eau de toilette. Or “EDT” as the listings seem to have adopted referring to it as.

I was given some at Christmas and I’ve been using it regularly. Suddenly I have run out. I’m not sure if this is due to over use. I thought there was at least half left. I wonder if one of my sons has spent the morning spraying it everywhere. That would account for what feels like half of it disappearing.

Anyway. In these Amazon listings for the Chanel aftershave I happened to scroll to one entry written by a lady describing that although expensive (the “EDT” is £58 for 50ml) she likes to give it to her husband as something special. [wait for it]. For either Crimbo or birthdays.

Immediately millions of pounds of marketing my the Chanel brand team has been disassembled by a lady somewhere in the UK in a relatively innocent comment on Amazon of all places.

I can’t stand the word Crimbo. It seriously annoys me.

I can’t even define why. It’s that bad.

I think it’s the utter nonchalance of topic that is required by the phrase that grates on me — that is, reducing the whole Christmas concept down to an occasion dedicated to “expensive but nice” gifts.

I would be delighted to see the Internet authorities impose a blanket switch making all references of “crimbo” automatically change to “Christmas”.

As for the aftershave, I didn’t bother in the end. I think I will get some Penhaligons instead.


So. Of you are a regular holiday weekend, please think about the situation ant suggestions? 😉