What is the best electric shaver to buy?

It’s been ages since I last had an electric shaver. I think I was in my early twenties. I bought a Phillips one and found it pretty good. Then, I can’t recall specifically what happened, but I stopped using it and swapped to shaving with a razor blade and doing wet shaves every morning. I do quite enjoy it. But sometimes I feel like I don’t have time.

Sometimes I’d like the option to quickly zip around my face before/during/after the shower and get on with my day.

I was in Boots the other day looking and I was overcome with choice. In a Tesco Extra I really couldn’t pick out the difference between the £39 model and the £180 model beyond some basics (e.g. one needs to be plugged in constantly, the other has a fairly hefty battery).

I’m not sure what brand to use.

I’m not sure what price point is sensible either.

This is where Amazon is absolutely useless.

I searched for Electric Shavers and got hundreds of results. I was about to buy one Phillips model when I read a review, possibly written by an arse (there’s no way of telling) who likened his £160 purchase to be almost exactly the same as the £45 model he’d already bought. That made me pause.


So I’d very much welcome your feedback. What do you recommend? Which brands? Braun? Remington? Phillips?

What features?

I think I need:

  • Cordless
  • Battery that doesn’t need charging every time
  • Good blade?
  • Zero maintenance or thereabouts

I could seriously justify buying a £25, £50, or £200 model given that it’s something that I’d probably be using regularly.



By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of The Pursuit of Quality. He is a quality addict and would sooner wait an extra month to earn the money to buy something better!