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Gaucho: My favourite Steak restaurant in London

  I’m quite a fan of the Gaucho chain of steak restaurants. I really do enjoy the premium experience they strive to deliver. Their focus is on Argentinian food (steak, of course) and superb South American wines.  There’s quite a range of steak houses nowadays arrayed across London. I’ve tried most of them. Hawksmoor, Miller […]

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The business of buying a tumble dryer

We needed a tumble dryer when we were renting a while ago back in 2011. Since we were living on a temporary basis we didn’t want to spend a lot of money or do much in the way of thinking regarding a tumble dryer. We just needed a fairly basic cheap one. In the end […]

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Whoop! My The Chapar Trunk has arrived…

I got home last night and found that my first trunk from The Chapar had arrived. Sadly I was being sensible. I got home late and had to be in the City early so I haven’t had a chance to open it up and have a browse yet. Tonight, though! Tonight! I’m looking forward to […]

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Part 1 of the Center Parcs experience: Booking

Long term and patient readers will recall that I have been closely evaluating a Center Parcs break. I think it’s taken me a year to get comfortable with the concept. Center Parcs UK, according to the Wikipedia entry, is a network of four holiday villages offering a range of family friendly activities. And it’s the […]

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The Railway: Keeping Britain on Track

I’m commuting most days for at least 1.5 hours each way. Ridiculous, I know. But that’s the situation. Actually, it’s been working out rather nicely because it has given me an enforced opportunity to get work done ahead of time (on the way into the office) or afterwards. Often, though, I don’t feel like working. […]

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HBO’s The Newsroom: I’ve added this one to my must-see list

I really, really enjoyed The West Wing by Aaron Sorkin. The fast-paced (positive, idealogical) dialogue together with the legendary “walk-with-me” one-shot scenes were simply fantastic to behold. When I heard Sorkin was back with another show — this time based around a news room — I thought, “Brilliant”. I’ve been scouring the internet for trailers […]

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