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Your pad definitely needs a bespoke Rousseau DJ Booth

I know quite a lot of readers are into music — and large subset are serious enough that they’ve got a few turntables, some excellent speakers and a host of super-DJ-class equipment to make the experience (for them) and their audiences phenomenal. There is, however, nothing worse than going round to someone’s pad and finding […]

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Hello from Barcelona

Thank you all for your patience this week. I was in Barcelona, Spain, for the week. I was visiting one of the world’s most influential incentive/business meetings events (EIBTM). I spoke at the EIBTM CEO Summit on the topic of mobile and innovation and then spent the rest of the day networking with the attendees, […]

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Yes, you DO need a BeeWi iPhone-controlled helicopter

Right then this arrived recently from the team at Avenir Telecom. It’s a Bluetooth controlled helicopter. Uh huh. You just download the app. Flipping gorgeous. This model is the Storm Bee BBZ351 and it will shortly be making its maiden flight in my office once it’s charged-n-ready. Standby for the video…[ Written on mobile, published […]

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The suit thing does work, you know

This morning I asked my wife if she’d checked out the magnum opus I wrote about suits yesterday. “Most of it,” she said, as she was busy getting ready to go to playgroup with Archie, before she continued, “You know I fell in love with you when you started wearing those suits?” That was news […]

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