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The BBC’s coverage of the Jubilee Pageant

I wasn’t in London on Sunday for the Thames Pageant to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Instead I was at home with the family. We were having a challenging day — both children (we’ve got 2 under 2) were a bit under the weather. Not exactly ill, but not in full spirits. And that’s a […]

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It’s been too long: I’m back!

Thanks for your patience, dear reader. It’s been too long, I know. Way too long. Eagle-eyed readers might have guessed at the cause — we’ve had a baby. Not just any baby, no. This is Baby Number Two (“BNT” as it’s apparently referred to by knowing mothers). It was a good birth — more on […]

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Where are my shirts? I ordered them on Saturday!

I ordered 10 shirts from Hawes & Curtis, the shirtmakers, on Saturday afternoon. They were off-the-peg ones — and what’s more, they were in stock. I know this, because the stupid Hawes & Curtis website made me click through reams of pages like a performing dog, searching for 16.5″ x 36″ shirts that were actually […]

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