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Spider Catcher: You definitely need one of these!

If you live in the countryside — or anywhere that’s not hermetically sealed (like an ultra-new block of flats), the chances are you get visited by spiders, large and small. When we used to live in Marlow, our cottage was beset with spiders — especially when it had been raining. They used to come in […]

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Put one of these wall mounted Diner phones in the kitchen!

Now then I have to say, I love the retro possibilities with this device. It’s an old wall mounted phone that you’d expect to see in any American Diner worth it’s salt. And they do like their salt in America. This unit is a very reasonable £59.99 from The Contemporary Home. Here’s the description: This […]

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Your pad definitely needs a bespoke Rousseau DJ Booth

I know quite a lot of readers are into music — and large subset are serious enough that they’ve got a few turntables, some excellent speakers and a host of super-DJ-class equipment to make the experience (for them) and their audiences phenomenal. There is, however, nothing worse than going round to someone’s pad and finding […]

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