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Where do you buy your shirts?

This is something that’s been exercising me for a little while. I have a hodge-podge of shirts from the likes of Hawkes & Curtis (stupid poor delivery fulfilment), Ede & Ravenscroft, Marks & Spencer, T.M. Lewin and so on. I also have a custom made one from A Suit That Fits. I’ll come on to […]

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The scarf sent to me by The Chapar

Here is the first item I’ve chosen from the selection sent to me from the team at The Chapar. What do you think? My wife approves — and that, fundamentally, is all that matters right? Oh and I am warm too. It’s got just a bit chillier this week. Thank you Hannah at The Chapar.

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Opening my trunk from The Chapar

Ok here we go…. My trunk from The Chapar has arrived! And once it’s open… The envelope stuck on the top of the box contains the notes from my stylist Hannah, the manifest and price list plus some notes on some of the products. For example there’s a bit of detail about a belt, some […]

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When did chaps in suits start carrying rucksacks?

I got the 713am train this morning and was astonished at the number of chaps on the station platform dressed in suits, but also carrying rucksacks. I added the qualifier, “but”, there, because it is required. You don’t carry a rucksack and wear a sharp suit. It just doesn’t work. You carry a sports bag […]

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