Buy your child a Christmas Pudding hat from The CobWeb Company — their mother will love you forever

The Christmas Pudding Hat from The CobWeb Company

We got the Christmas Pudding Hat (made by The CobWeb Company) as a gift last year, if memory serves. We’ve been deploying it every time there’s been a cold spell this year and as Christmas approaches, it’s certainly making Archie look on trend (that’s him in the photo above).

The most important feature of this particular hat is the reaction it generates. Believe me, it’s shocking. Women melt. I do mean melt. I think it’s the fact that most people see a wooly hat first and then they see that it’s actually a Christmas Pudding. And you’ve ideally got a smiling (or at least, content) child underneath it to add to the effect. At minimum you’ll get a smile from passers by. At maximum, you’ll have folk stop in their tracks, point and exclaim “AWWWWWWWH” whilst pointing. Highly recommended.

Now, the second feature is — well, it’s a hat. It’s warm. From my rather masculine, utilitarian viewpoint, it does the job properly. It looks well made, it’s been through quite a lot with Archie in terms of having buggys squeezing it into the mud and so on. It’s still going strong. It costs just £15.95 (or £18.95 for the larger toddler version). Or, consider going the whole hog and getting the ‘set’ which includes the hat and the body suit at a highly reasonable £24.95. If you’re thinking about a little bit more luxury, think about the Cashmere version.

The CobWeb Company don’t stop at Christmas Pudding hats though. They’ve got a whole seasonal range for you to browse. My wife’s eyes were lighting up at this even before she saw the little baby in the tea cup on the frontpage. (Do, seriously, click through to the frontpage and prepare to be awwwed, especially with image 3 and 4.) My favourite other seasonal hat? Definitely the Banana one. You can’t go wrong with the stripy range either.

I think I’m right in asserting that if you’re the dad who happened to buy this for his child, then the mothers in your community will think you’re spectacular. And your partner should be suitable impressed as a result.

Here’s a photo of the Christmas Pudding had sans child:

I’ve put this one into the Highly Recommended category. It’s the first product I’ve assigned to that and it’s a testament to my experience with the hat. Looking at him wearing it makes me smile.

Thanks to Su and the team at The CobWeb Company for the imaginative concepts. I’m going to give some thought as to what we should be buying for our friends and family. We’ve a few babies due next year.

One final point, I think it’s rather difficult to underscore for all the male readers just how good a Cob Web hat is for a baby present. I wish I’d known. So if you’re ever stuck needing something for a friend’s baby and you haven’t outsourced that to “control” (i.e. partner/girlfriend), you can’t go wrong with one of The CobWeb Company hats.

[Update: If you’d like to find out more about founder Su Cowell and the background to the company, check out this link.]

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2 Responses to Buy your child a Christmas Pudding hat from The CobWeb Company — their mother will love you forever

  1. Mike42 December 7, 2011 at 8:58 pm #

    Question: is this not a matter of /taste/ as opposed to /quality/? Comparing a pair of headphones manufactured to very high tolerances with a massive spec is one thing. By comparison, what we have here is an ode to the *reaction* the hat garners. Now I’m not a stranger to hattage, and indeed have been known to pop on a teacosy when no-one (OK, the kids) are looking. But where is the *quality*? in the wool itself? Its provenance? water repellency? The needlecraft? the wind-resistance? I could write reams about genuine Harris or Yorkshire Dales tweed, how it is hands-down the perfect outdoor cloth for many reasons (and possibly good for hats as well). As opposed to some cheap tweed-like knockoff that will be threadbare, apart at the seams and loosing its dye after a few good drenchings. Case in point: if 9/10 ladies think a gent looks sharp in a £150 Next suit, does it have ‘quality’? the same ‘quality’ as a £1500 Gieves and Hawkes that 9/10 ladies also like?

    • Ewan December 8, 2011 at 11:17 am #

      It’s a reaction piece — but, it’s also a quality piece — that hat has been with us through quite a lot of standard use cases including being dropped in mud (and all the rest) and it’s survived remarkably well!

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